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One of the most concentrated formulas that CoastBio offers; Biomend Plus combines beneficial bacteria, streptomyces, and trichoderma.

This is a concentrated formula designed for precision applications, and as a blending tool for soils and fertilizers.

This will enhance the plants defense against pathogens and keep the root zone healthy and functioning at top efficiency.


Directions for use:

Use as Microbial Inoculant for Soils

Seed/Sod Installation: Apply 1-2 oz per 2500 square feet, then seed or lay sod.

Soil Prep for Gardens and Flower Beds: Apply 0.5-1 oz pounds per 1000 square feet. In very poor soil, double the rate Potting Mix: Mix into potting soil at a rate of 1 pound per cubic yard.

Fertilizer Mix: Add 5 pounds per ton.

Top Dressing: Apply one 1-2oz per 2500 square feet.

Reservoir: 1-2 grams per 10 gallons of reservoir.

Field Application: Apply 2lbs per acre.


Mix concentrated product with water, mixing thoroughly before application. Product is suitable for most irrigation systems.


Caution: Store product in cool dry conditions. Do not expose inoculants to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Always wear a dust mask when handling.

Statement of Claims: CoastBio certifies that the product contains the micro-organism listed on the label at the CFU count as stated. The organism(s) are sensitive to environmental conditions and CoastBio is unable to make any guarantees bey ond the above statement.